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Populärwissenschaftliche Bücher über Zeitreisen

Agnew, B. Alexander
Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel
iUniverse.com, 2010
Andrea, G.
True Time Travel Dell-Kui, 2015
Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines
IoP, 1999
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Cosmic Journey: A Beginner's Guide to Space and Time Travel
Copper Beech, 1998
Arment, Chad
About Time: the forerummers of time travel and temporal anomalies in science fiction and fantasy
Coachwhio Publications, 2008
Enchanted Paths and Magic Worlds: The Quantum Mind And Time Travel In Science And Literary Myth
Peter Lang-Verlag, Boston, Frankfurt, 1998
Beck, Gabriel
The Time Machine of Consciousness
Kindle, 2014
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Practical Time Travel
Aquarian London, 1971
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Sprung über die Zeit
Herderbücherei Bd. , Freiburg i.Br. , 1985
Bianco, Paris Ezequiel
Time Travel and Temporal Paradoxes
Amazon, 2024
Blumenthal, Howard /Curley, Dorethy /Williams, Brad
Führer für Zeitreisende
Bettendorf, München, 1994
Bouslough, John
Masters of Time
Addison Wesley Science New York 1992
Braschler, Von / Joseph, Frank
Seven Secrets of Time Travel: Mystic Voyages of the Energy Body
Destiny Books, 2012
Broderick, Damien
The Time Machine Hypothesis: Extreme Science meets Science Fiction
Springer, 2019
Brenna, J.H.
Time Travel - A New Perspective
Llewyllyn Pub., St.Paul, Minnesota, 1997
Butlar von, Johannes
C.Bertelsmann Verlag München 1977
Butlar von, Johannes
Herbig Verlag München 1989
Carroll, John W.
A Time Travel Dialogue
Open Book Publishers, August 2014
Chevalier, William J.
A Short History of Time, Space and the Quantum World: A Non-Scientist's Guide to Uncertainty, Teleportation, Digitization, Consciousness and Time Travel
Equilibrum Books, 2011
Cronkhite. Robert B.
The Time-Space Travelers Handbook
Independently published , 2022
Hatcher Childress, David
The Time Travel Handbook - A Manual of Practical Teleportation & Time Travel
Adventures Unlimited Press, July 1999, Kempton, Illinois
Clegg, Brian
Build Your Own Time Machine: The Real Science of Time Travel
Gerald Duckworth & Company, 2012
Clegg, Brian
How to build a Time Machine: The Real Science of Time Travel
St. Martin's Press, 2011
Clarke, Phil
Extreme Science: From Cryogenics to Time Travel, Adventures at the Edge of Knowledge
Chartwell Books, 2012
Collyns, Robin
Ancient Astronauts: A Time Reversal?
Sphere Books, 1976, London
Darling, David J.:
Could You Ever : Build a Time Machine
Dillon, 1991
Davenport, Marc
Visitors from Time
Greenleaf Pub. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, (1992) 1994
Davies, Paul
About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution
Simon & Schuster, New York/London 1995
Davies, Paul
How To Build A Time Machine
Penguin Press, Allan Lane, London , 2001
Dodson, F.E.
Bohmeier, 2004
Effingham, Nikk
Time Travel: Possibility and Impossibility
Oxford University Press, 2020
Everett, Allan /Roman, Rhomas
Time Travel and Warp Drives: A Scientific Guide to Shortcuts through Time and Space
University of Chicago Press, 2012
Feeney,Aaron M.
Understanding Future-Viewing Machines and Time Travel
Kindle Edition, 2014)
Francis, Anabelle
The Ultimate Guide to Time Travel
Blue Sky Art, 2024
Gardner, Martin
Time, Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments
W.H.Freeman and Co., New York 1988
Guilford, John
Time Travel Odyssey
Independently published, 2023
Gleick, James
Time Travel: A History
Pantheon Books, NY, 2016
Goldberg, Bruce
Time Travellers from the Future: A Fifth Dimension Odyssey
Blue Star Prod., 1999
Gott, Richard J.
Time Travel in Einstein*s Universe
Houghton Mifflin,2001
Grey, James
Universal Authority: The Politics and Religion of Space Exploration and Time Travel
iUniverse Publishing, 2011)
Gribbin, John
J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd., London 1979
Flaxman, Larry / Jones,Marie
This Book is From the Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Worm Holes, and Other Adventures in Time Travel
New Page Books, 2012
Hacker, Nicolas
Raum/Zeit und die Möglichkeiten der 4 Dimensionen
Diplomica, Hamburg, 2014
Halpern, Paul
Time Journeys
McGraw-Hill New York 1990
Haselbach, Steffen
Zeitreisen: Von Schwarzen Löchern und den Möglichkeiten der Zukunft
Byblos Verlag, Berlin 1995
Heffern, Richard
Time Travel: Myth or Reality
Pyramid, New York, 1977
Herrmann, Kay
Faszination Zeitreisen
Universitätsverlag TU Chemnitz,2014
Horn, R.M.
Geheimagenten aus der Zukunft?
Bohmeier, 2002
Hornshaw, Phil / Hurwitch, Nick
So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel
Berkeley Trade, 2012
Howell, Elisabeth
The Science of Time Travel
Skyhorse, 2020
Hughes, E.
Time and the Mulit-Universe: A philosophy of time and time travel
Love-Publishing, 2022
Impey ,Chris
How It Began: A Time-Traveler's Guide to the Universe
W. W. Norton & Company, 2012)
Kalka, Christop Konrad
Time Winner
Leonardo, 2003
Lightman, Alan
Time Travel and Papa Joe's Pipe
Penguin Books, New York 1986
Mallett, Ronald
Time Traveler
Thunder Mouth's Press , new York, 2006
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Time Travel: The Prospect of Travelling Through Time
Scarborough House 1988
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The Ultimate Time Machine
Hampton Roads Pub. Company, Charlottesville, Virginia, 1998
Meckelburg, Ernst
Besucher aus der Zukunft
Scherz , Bern/München, 1980
Meckelburg, Ernst
Jenseits der Ewigkeit:Wie man die Zeit manipuliert
Langen Müller,2000
Del Monte, Louis A.
How to Time Travel: Explore the Science, Paradoxes, and Evidence
Selfpublishing, 2013
Lupus, Malus
Handbüchlein für Zeitreisende
Moritt, Robert
TIME TRAVEL: A Compendium of information for Time Travel Enthusiasts
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing,2011
Meerloo, Joost A.M.:
Along the Fourth Dimension: Man's Sense of Time and History
John Day Co. New York 1970
Nahin,Paul J.
Time Machines - Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics and Science Fiction
AIP, New York, 1993
Nahin,Paul J.
Time Travel: A Writer's Guide to the Real Science of Plausible Time Travel
The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011)
Nemiroff, Robert J.; Wilson, T.
Search on the Internet for Evidence of Time Travel American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #223, #255.29
Nemus, Rolf
Schneller als die Zeit
Kindle Amazon, 2012
Parker, B.R.
Time Travel: A Cosmic Time Travel
Plenum Press, New York 1991
Pickover, Clifford A.
Time Travel: Time: A Travelers Guide
Oxford University Press, New York 1998
Preston, Steve
Is Time Travel possible?
Create Space, 2015
Radha, Purusha
Conscious Time Travel
Kindle Amazon, 2022
Randles, Jenny
Time Travel-Fact - Fiction & Possibility
Blandford, 1994
Randles, Jenny
Breaking the Time Barrier - The Race to Build the First Time Machine
Simon and Schuster New York, 2005
Ress, Griffin Patricia
Plans for Time Travel Machines That really work
1st Books Library,2001
Ress, Patricia Griffin
Why I Believe the HDR Unit Works and Time-Travel Is Possible!
Publish America, 2010
Richardson, Hazel / Rowe, Alan
How to build a time machine
Ricksecker , Mike
Traveks Through Time
Haunted Road Media, 2023
Ripota, Peter
Zeitreisen - Fakten und Fiktionen
Rodrigo, Enrico
The Physics of Stargates: Parallel Universes, Time Travel, and the Enigma of Wormhole Physics
Eridanus Press, 2010
Rucker, Rudy
The Fourth Dimension and How to Get There
Penguin Books New York 1985
Sandua, David
Time Travel and Temporal Paradoxes
Independently published, 2024
Scaglia, Beatrix
Time Dilation and Machines: The Fact and Fiction of Time Travel Possibilities
Webster's Digital Services, 2011
Sternhagen, Eric
Zeitreisen: Standpunkte der Forschung - Schlussfolgerungen
Styled, Kenuzza
Time Travel Theory
Independently published, 2023
Toben, Bob
Space, Time and Beyond
E.P.Dutton New York 1975
Toomey, David
The New Time Travelers: A Journey to the Frontiers of Physics
W.W. Norton & Company, 2006
Vaas, Rüdiger
Tunnel durch Raum und Zeit
Stuttgart, 2005
Vaas, Rüdiger
Hawkings neues Universum: Raum,Zeit und Ewigkeit - Hawkings neuste Erkenntnisse verstehen
Stuttgart, 2008
Van Dorn Stern, Philipp
Travellers in Time: Strange Tales of Man's Journeyings into the Past and the Future
Doubleday London 1947
Wasserman, Ryan
Paradoxes of Time Travel
Oxford University Press,2018
Webre, Lambremont A.
The Chronogarchy
Amazon Kindlöe, 2022
Whitmane, Sebastian
Time Warped
Independently published, 2024
Windhorst, Arian / Blast, Falco
Atmosphären, München,2005.
Wolf, Fred Alan
The Yoga of Time Travel
Quest Books, 2004.
X-Commander/ T.Swartz/T.Beckley:
Time Travel: A How to - Insider Guide
Global Communications Inner Light Pub.
Yates, John
Time Travel in Theory and Practice
I.F.S.Foundation, 2011
Young, Mark Joseph
The Essential Guide to Time Travel
Dimensionfold Publishung, 2021
Zivkovic, Zoran
First Contact and Time Travel
Springer, 2018
Yu, Charles
Handbuch für Zeitreisende rowohlt, Polaris. 2012
Zohar, Danah
Through the Time Barrier: A Study of Precognition and Modern Physics
Heinemann, London 1982