What exactly are animals? Do they have souls, but just not the lunar and solar strands that we have?

Animals do have souls with solar and lunar strands in exactly the way that humans do. This means that they have potential for soul evolution or devolution, accumulation of karma both of karmic credit and of karmic debt. In fact, so do birds, insects, fauna (plants, flowers, grasses, trees etc.), and rocks have life, consciousness, and soul, with all the karmic implications and responsibilities for self-development that that implies.

Since antiquity shamans have been those individuals gifted with the ability to ACCESS hidden realities and to make dialogues with the spiritual representatives of the universe. Shamans also strongly believe in the interconnectedness of all things. Therefore everything that exists, including trees, animals, rocks, minerals, the elements, is basically alive and capable of being communicated with. But we live in a modern world, dependent on technological support and we are separated from the organic and subtle rhythms of nature. To earn a decent living you must become part of a great mindless system. So how can we reconnect with our inherent shamanic powers? What does being on a shamanic path specifically mean to followers of the Lion Path? Musaios always said that shamanic work is doing things and not talking about things. We wonder what kind of practical work we can do to enhance our walking the Path.

If one aspires to shamanic work one's first priority is to heal oneself, as this must be done before one can heal and help others. With regard to self-healing, setting aside some time each week for a meditation with the pleromic powers (as described in chapter 3) is a good practice. One way of doing this is to draw the pleromic symbols on a strip of paper, putting the Sun/Moon/Saturn symbol in the middle, the Venus symbol on the bottom and the Mars at the top. Then either visualize or write your name on the inside of the equilateral triangle, against the Sun/Moon edge. Also visualize or write the phrase good physical, emotional and mental health against the Sun/Saturn edge. (You can, of course, visualize the whole procedure if you prefer.) Then make the hand mudra described in chapter 3 and place the piece of paper between your hands, meditating first on the middle symbol, then the bottom one, and finally the top one. If you prefer using a piece of paper, you can keep it in a good place, taking it out each week to renew the meditation for your health and well-being. Secondly it is very important to clear out all karmic hindrances from one's life, and many of these will involve major relationships of all kinds throughout our lives. Therefore it is a good idea to quietly and sincerely review all those major relationships and honestly answer oneself if any of them causes you grief or despondency, anxiety, guilt or a sense of having been imposed upon. Perhaps you might not even be sure in some cases who imposed on whom. It doesn't matter. Whatever the cause, if anything feels wrong in a relationship, doing a re-balancing meditation with the pleromic powers will help you put things into perspective on an emotional level and deal from a greater level of wisdom in future. Even if that person has now departed from your life permanently, doing such a rebalancing will still help you and them.

The Lion Path guidelines say we are not to fall into the missionary trap because many people are not ready. I have never shared the Lion Path with anyone, mainly because I wasn't ready or thought they weren't ready and interested. How much responsibility do we have to share what we know with others?

There are many people who are simply not interested in following a path which involves self-discipline, and nothing can be done with those people but let them learn through their own experiences. Then there are those who are seeking, but not seriously so, and hence who are snapped up by various teachings promising instant enlightenment or spiritual growth without effort, or that some self-styled guru will do it all for them. There are still others who are following the planetary Lion Path quite unselfconsciously through love-in-action. Deeply engrossed in matters of daily life, and learning to interact in more loving and intuitively wise ways, these people are to be respected and appreciated on their own level. They tend to feel little or no need to understand the wider scheme of things and could actually be disturbed if one tried to widen their horizons prematurely. Then there are those who are really seeking, who need to understand the wider scheme of things to find their way, and with these people one can share the Path. Yet learning to distinguish between these kinds of people is not something one should worry about with the conscious mind. The best way to draw the right people into your destiny track is to focus on the Path and the work of changing yourself.

In the Lion Path books it is said that people can be walking the Path, even if they are not consciously aware of doing so. The influences of the special time powers at session times are said to penetrate into the deepest levels of the superconscious mind. Does knowing what the Path is and what you are striving to achieve give you certain advantages and extra options over people who do not?

The answer is yes or no, depending on what use you make of your knowledge. Ego trips about being 'an initiate' are a waste of valuable emotional energy and time that could have been better used to change oneself. It behooves any true initiate to proceed with gratitude, humility and caution, because the more you know the higher the degree of accountability you have. What knowledge of the Lion Path does give you is the chance to walk a path of love-and-wisdom-inaction, which is a potentially faster evolutionary path than that of love-in-action alone. But the important thing here is that the component of love-in-action is not neglected. Knowledge alone) without a corresponding degree of love-in-action, will remain sterile and fail to turn into real (tried and tested) wisdom. However, those who use their knowledge of the Path wisely have a great evolutionary opportunity. The table of patterns of bardo-jumping shows a choice of 15 different reincarnational patterns, but the different kinds of world in which one could have one's next incarnation are more limited. The choices are reaching the bardos of Venus-Sothic, Saturn-Sothic, Sun-Sothic, Lunar-Sothic, Mercury Sothic, Jupiter-Sothic and Uranus-Sothic worlds; or the bardo of a world of type 32 (pre-pleromic Jupiter).

Question: How will I know if I am truly on the Path and living up to the expectations of the gods? Can you please give me advice so I won't lose faith in achieving what I really want and how will I know if I'm succeeding?

What you are really asking is, how consciously aware will you be of your nonmolecular body and its higher capacities (such as the ability to commune with higher beings, the gods) while still living on earth.

The times when a Lion Path initiate would be most aware of her or his higher body are probably during special dreams - gifts of the gods during which they initiate us into things we need to know and put us through tests or experiences we would normally undertake during incarnations on higher type worlds. It is quite possible that we will not remember all or even some of these initiatory dreams when we return to waking consciousness, though the imprint of them would be there in terms of our emotional responses and greater intuitive wisdom to handle earth life. The extent of conscious recall of these dreams would differ from person to person. People who have a well-developed capacity to live in two realms at once, to be conscious of other realms of reality without their abilities to focus upon and act effectively in the here-and-now being compromised by that awareness, would probably remember many of these dreams. Others, whose lives might be disturbed by conscious awareness of those dreams, would simply retain the memory of them in their subconscious minds. The remembrance of the dreams would then coming flooding back to them in a rush shortly before the onset of death.

Now during the coming twelve months (Samhain 2002 - Samhain 2003) the higher bodies of all Lion Path initiates are going to be fully formed. Thereafter, during the months between Samhain and the winter solstice of 2003, we will be able to make contact with beings of the Mercury Pleromic World of the Q. They will then teach us how to make powerful shamanic journeys, and ultimately how to journey between the bardo of our world and the higher bardo of the next world of our incarnational choice.

Then during the period between that winter solstice and Imbolc in 2004, we would be able to receive visits in dreams from teachers emanating from the Moon Pleromic World of the Q - that world which administers all world types from type 11 through 32. This range of world types encompasses all possible choices for our next incarnation. Teachers are assigned on the basis of our next incarnational choice. Remember each person's choice is made on the basis of the deepest desires within their own particular soul.

Thus if a person were to make the choice to incarnate next on, say, a Sun Sothic (type 16) world, they would have to be assigned teachers who could give the kinds of experiences in dream-form that would allow them to bypass the need for incarnation in intermediate type worlds. The lesson of Venus Sothic (type 14) worlds is to learn to put love first, and if one has not managed to learn this on earth, then dreams in which synergistic love energies are exchanged with another being for mutual psychic healing might be part of the learning experience. Also one would need to bypass Saturn Sothic (type 15) worlds, and since the lesson of these worlds is primarily self-sufficiency and showing how to manifest love in action, dreams may be experienced in which one is assigned tasks one has to carry out essentially unaided.

Now if one aspires to make the greatest bardo jump of all -- the leap from our earth to a bardo of a world-type 32 -- then one must during one's remaining lifetime on earth demonstrate that one has learned all the skills of the intermediate type worlds on which one might otherwise incarnate. Now the choices for one's next incarnation after earth are any of the following:

World Type
14 Venus Sothic
15 Saturn Sothic
16 Sun Sothic
17 Moon Sothic
18 Mars Sothic
19 Mercury Sothic
20 Jupiter Sothic
21 Uranus Sothic
22 Neptun Sothic
23 Pluto Sothic
24 Pan Sothic
25 Vulcan Sothic
26 Horus Sothic
27 Sothis Sothic
28 Prepleromic Moon
29 Prepleromic Sun
30 Prepleromic Saturn
31 Prepleromic Venus
32 Prepleromic Jupiter
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