April 28-1919      August 26-2000

1919 Born in Jersey City

1919 - 1938 Growing up in Long Island

1938 B.Sc. at the City University New York Major subjects: Mathematics and Chemistry

1938 First Book (finally published by J.M.Watkins of London in 1955)
East-West Fire: Schopenhauer's Optimism and the Lankavatara

1947 M.A. in Philosophy at the Columbia-University, New York

1951 Ph.D. from Columbia-University Thesis in Symbolic Logic

1951 Studies on the philosophy of the German seer Jakob Boehme (Dissertation)
The eludication of his ideas (especially with regards to the origins of evil) was published by King's Crown Press, New York, in 1951 Illumination on Jacob Boehme: The Work of Dionysius Andreas Freher

1950 - 1960 Editor-in-Chief of a non-fiction publishing house: Falcon's Wing Press - Edition of rare scholarly books of quality:

1954 Revision of the enlarged edition of the oldest version of the Old Testament as translated by C.Thomson

1956 Head of an expedition to Lacandon country, Chiapas, Mexico

1958 Edition of two collections of poems from a selection of international poets by Falcon Wing's Press

1958 Cybernetic Studies

1960 Chair (together with W.S.McColloch und Ross Ashby) at the International Conference on Biosimulation in Locarno : Proceedings of the Conference published in 1962, by Plenum Press, New York

1961 Studies on esoteric Buddism published by Falcons Wing Press

1962 Co-Lecturer with the founding father of Cybernetics Norbert Wiener at the School of Theoretical Physics at the University of Naples - under NATO Sponsorship

1967 Development of the mathematical concept of "Hypernumbers"

1968-1973 Editor of a rare scientific Journal

1972 Co-working with A.M. Young, "In all her Names" published by Outerbridge und Lazard, New York

1970 - 1981 Co-Editor of the Journal Kybernetes

1975 - 1985 Member of the Editorial Board - International Journal of Biomedical Computing and Frontiers in Systems Science

1984-1994 Interdisciplinary Studies on methods for the acceleration of evolution : House of Horus

1985 Studies on Chronotopology: Science of Time Waves - published by Kluwer-Niejhoff Frontiers in Systems Science

1991 Co-working with Joseph Campbell Ed.C.Muses/J.Campbell, 1991, book published by Harper, San Francisco

1996 Revision of the Lion Path papers , 5th and final Edition, House of Horus

1999 Studies on Shamanism - Travelling through Sibiria - Book published by House of Horus




East-West Fire: Schopenhauer's Optimism and the Lankavatara
Illumination on Jacob Boehme: The Work of Dionysius Andreas Freher
Edition: S.N.Kramer - From the Tablets of Sumer
Edition: S.C.Walewski - System of Caucasian Yoga
Edition: Septuagint Bible
Edition: Prismatic Voices - Wings of Myrahi
Forword in J. Rothstein's : Communication, Organization and Science
Edition: Aspects of the Theory of Artificial Intelligence
Esoteric Teachings of the Tibetan Tantra
Hypernumber, Ann. New York Acad.Scienc., Vol.138, New York
Edition: Journal for the Study of Consciousness
Consciousness and Reality (Co-Author with A.M.Young)
The Lionpath - The Big Picture (Musaios)
Chronotopology: Destiny and Control in Human Systems
In all her Names (Co-Author with J.Campbell)
The Shamanic Lionpath (Musaios)

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